Ertuğrul Doğan: "Our Goal in Çorum is 100 MW"

General Manager of Oltan-Köleoğlu Enerji, Ertuğrul Doğan pointed out that the newly completed biomass power plant (BPP) in Mecitözü, Çorum, started operating with a future projected capacity of 100 MW.

Oltan-Köleoğlu Enerji forges ahead with huge investments. Built on an area of approximately 400 acres, the plant commenced production with $10 million of investment. Oltan-Köleoğlu Enerji prioritizes renewable resources in energy production by using local plant and forestry wastes, also known as "stubble." Focusing on renewable resources, Oltan-Köleoğlu Enerji strives to invest in energy production all across Anatolia.

Also investing in wind and solar energy as an alternative to biomass, Oltan-Köleoğlu Enerji highlighted the abundance of raw materials in Çorum as the top factor affecting the location of their biomass power plant. General Manager of Oltan-Köleoğlu Enerji, Ertuğrul Doğan specified that the next goal is to gradually increase the initial capacity of 5 MW to 100 MW in the coming years, stating that the company will generate energy by utilizing agricultural waste, and thus contribute to environmental protection.